C R I M (Department of Management)

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Our Strengths
Situated away from the din and bustle of the city while close to the heart of the city Bhopal, CRIM enjoys very congenial academic environment. The city is also approachable by airways, railways and roadways from any part of India.
CRIM has a good infrastructure for imparting competitive and quality management education and it claims to be one of the best in M.P. An impressive building and premises with spacious classrooms and seminar halls fitted with modern educational equipments offer academic advantage to the institute.
Learning resource center
The library is an active resource centre where open shelf concept is applied. The institute possesses a rich collection of textbooks, periodicals, journals, project reports, reference books, business newspapers, video cassettes and is continually adding to the existing line up.
Central Library
CRIM students avail the library facility from separate section for CRIM in Central Library which has a rich collection of books in management and allied areas. The University’s central library which stocks over 6500 text and 3500 reference books on management and related subjects is rich enough to quench the thirst of CRIM students.

Few of Our Mentors
· Dr. B.P. Singh - Delhi School of Economics
· Mr. Surendra Malhotra - Director, J.K. Group
· Dr. H.C. Sainy - Prof. Emeritus, Ex. HOD FMS, Sagar
· Mr. J.N. Choudhary - Retd. Regional Manager PCIL, Bhopal
· Mr. S.S. Soni - Consultant, Bhopal
· Mr. A.K. Singh - Delhi School of Economics
· Prof. J. Mahapatra - Head, Deptt. of Mgmt. Sambhalpur University, Sambhalpur
· Dr. P.N. Mishra - Head, IMS, DAVV, Indore
· Dr. Prassana Chandra - IIM, Banglore
· Prof. G.C. Agrawal - Retd. Prof., Allahabad University, Allahabad
· Dr. R.K. Jain - PJIM, Vikram University, Ujjain
· Mr. R.K. Dubey - Sr. Regional Manager, Kolkata
· Dr. Yashwant Thakur - Head, Deptt. of Business Mgmt., H.S. Gaur University, Sagar
· Mr. S. Lomash - AGM. BHEL, Bhopal
· Mr. K.K. Puri - Former Vice President, HEG Ltd., Bhopal
· Dr. L.C. Awasthi - Former CEO, CG Bhopal



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